School Introduction

In 1999, Macau returned back to China. Ever since then, with the strong support of the Central Government and Macau SAR to education, Macau has become a highly international society with the prosperous knowledge-based economy. Macau government is speeding up the construction towards the “Center for World Tourism and Leisure” and the “Platform for Cooperation between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries”, with the action to diversify the economy and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. Towards this goal, developing higher education in Macau has become the common understanding of Macau society.

In this context, in September 2013, City U of Macau established the Institute of Macau Development (IMD) and started to enroll postgraduate students in education studies. The Master and PhD programs are approved and recognized by both the Central Government and Macau SAR. They are also acknowledged by world professional organizations. Since their establishment, the Master and PhD programs of City University of Macau have been highly welcomed by students from Macau and its surrounding areas.

In February 2014, the School of Education (SOE) of City University of Macau was officially founded and continued to offer the Master and PhD Programs. The IMD of City University of Macau was transformed into an institute that focuses in the study of Macau education development. It was renamed in 2016 the Research Institute of Macau Education Development to better reflect research strength. Up to now, SOE has grown rapidly into a school with about 200 Masteral and PhD postgraduate students. Both the Masteral and PhD programs in education offer three strands: Educational Leadership and Administration, Adult Education, and Education Technology.

Adhering to the university motto of "Virtue, Knowledge, Practice", SOE strongly commits itself to the student-centered teaching and learning practice. As SOE mainly focuses on postgraduate education, we invite well known scholars in the field of education from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau to deliver courses with frontline knowledge to our students. Presentations, workshops and seminars of various types are also frequently given to our students on topics such as  research methods, latest research projects and the forefront of education research. SOE hosts academic and cultural exchanges activities, various international forums for graduate students. Besides, it also offers advanced training workshops to local and regional needs.

SOE is rooted in Macau, aiming to serve the region and beyond. We are in close collaboration with local schools and educational institutions to contribute to the community. We are pushing forward the school based teacher professional development with various action research projects in joints with our partners.



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